A big thanks to all our recent fundraisers!


  • Simply select one of our Taco Bell  locations from the "Schedule an Event" page and complete the contact form.
  • We'll email you to confirm a date and time and send you everything you need to make your event a success.   
  • You distribute flyers to friends, family, co-workers, other members of the organization and you're off.  
  • On the day of the event, arrive a few minutes early to meet the Manager in Charge. You collect the receipts from your participants who have brought one of the flyers and then your work is done!  

Some things to know:

  • You'll need a minimum of two weeks lead time to host a fundraiser.  This will allow us enough time to schedule staff and prepare for your event.
  • Occasionally a date you've selected has a previously scheduled event and won't be available.  Don't worry though, we'll find one that works for your group.
  • A representative/point person from your organization will need to be on-site for the entire event.  This will ensure you're able to collect the receipts from your guests and answer any questions from your group that might arise.
  • At the end of the event our Manager In Charge will sit down with you in the lobby where your event was held and tally the net sales from all of the receipts you've collected.  That is the amount that will be used to calculate your 20% contribution.  After that, your work is done.
  • We will process a check and it will be mailed to the address you've indicated approximately two weeks after your event has concluded.