A big thanks to all our recent fundraisers!


Do I have to be a nonprofit or 501c3 to be eligible to host a fundraiser and receive a donation?

No.  Anyone can book and host a fundraiser.  Some common groups are schools, sports teams, students earning money to study abroad, people raising money to participate in a walk/run.  Just have a cause and some folks that want to eat KFC and help you earn money.

Do we have to print a copy of the customized flyer? 

While everyone that comes to your event needs to have some version of the flyer, it does not have to be a hard copy.  In addition to bringing a printed copy of the flyer, your attendees can show us a copy of an email with the flyer, a social media invite.  As long as they have a copy of the flyer somewhere, we'll honor it.

Do we have to have someone from our group attend the fundraiser?

Yes.  Because your Group Leader will be responsible for collecting all of the receipts from your guest and retaining them during the event, they'll need to be in the lobby for the entire event.

Why do we ask the estimated number of attendees?

We need to prepare food and staff for your group. 

When should our group except to receive the proceeds from the event?

Your check will be mailed approximately two weeks after your event from northern Michigan. Type your paragraph here.

Can my attendees use the drive-thru?

Unfortunately, no.  All flyers must be presented in the lobby to the cashier inside so that they can print the receipt and have the attendees personally hand it to the group leader.

I scheduled a fundraiser at one of your restaurants that sells Taco Bell/Long John Silver's/A&W, will their purchases count toward our sales?

Yes.  All purchases made the restaurant with a flyer will be counted toward your total sales. 

Do people need to be an official member of our organization to participate?

No.  Anyone with a flyer in advance can have their sales counted toward your fundraiser.

Can I share my flyer online, via email, on my FB/Instagram/Twitter account?

Absolutely!  We encourage this.  We only ask that when you do, it is made clear that anyone attending will need to be able to access this page at the event and share the image with our cashier.